The strategic direction for the Partnership is set by the Partnership Governors’ Committee, made up of one Governor from each of the Partnership schools, each having one vote.  The Headteachers/Principal are in attendance at meetings.

Each Governor reports back to his/her own Full Governing Body to ensure the Partnership and school practices are aligned.

This group meets formally, at least twice a term; once before the Governors’ Committee meeting and once after, therefore ensuring the strategic decisions are converted into operational actions.  The actions are all coordinated through the Partnership Improvement and Development Plan, agreed and monitored by the Governors’ Committee.

Each element of the Partnership Improvement and Development Plan has its own working groups, led by one or two of the Headteachers but involving additional staff from each school.  These groups ensure that activities take place at school level for the benefit of every pupil/student.  This term’s activities include joint teaching sessions, joint training for staff, coordinating external agencies to work within each school and a sharing of expertise.

We believe this brings real advantages to our pupils/students and to families.  Norfolk Children’s Services are using our model in two key areas of their work to showcase ‘Outstanding practice’.

Partnership Development Plan