“Better Learning Together”


The Thorpe St Andrew Educational Partnership is a group of schools serving the communities of Thorpe St Andrew and key villages to the east of the town.  The arrangement comprises six Primary Schools and one Secondary School working together more closely for the benefit of all young people in the communities they serve.

The schools are united in a joint vision which holds at its heart their commitment to every child aged three to nineteen:

  • to receive the best possible educational experiences and achievements
  • to experience continuity of learning across all ages
  • to celebrate the variety, diversity and uniqueness of each individual’s skills and abilities.


Our aim is to ensure that every child within our community has access to the best possible educational experience.  We have a belief that students should achieve academic success, but also hold the conviction that the educational experience that each child receives should include helping him or her to understand respect and responsibility.  Equally, we believe that children’s education should include activities beyond the academic curriculum such as sport, fieldwork, educational visits and more.

Each of the schools in our Partnership has a unique identity which we wish to retain.  We also recognise that there are individual strengths within each school from which the rest of the Partnership can learn.  Our aim is to ensure parents can be confident that whichever school they choose in our Partnership, their child will receive an excellent, broad based education which will form a solid foundation for their child’s progression to the next stage of his or her development.

This is one of the most exciting developments seen within our Partnership, giving us a real opportunity to deliver what we believe is critical for the development of the young people in our community, based upon their needs, hopes, wishes and aspirations.